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Esteem Girls Inc.

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building self-esteem and confidence

Dedication and Determination

Founded in 2016, Esteem Girls Inc. is emerging as a ground breaking opportunity for girls specifically those from under-resourced communities and minority girls in the Philadelphia metro area. Our inspiration to start such a program arise from the local statistics and national trends in STEM as well as the standardized test scores amongst female students in grades 3-8 from the School District of Philadelphia. These students scored dramatically lower compared to other students.


Get to Know our Founder

Renee Harris is the Founder and Executive Director of Esteem Girls Inc. Founded in 2016, the organization was started to address the local statistics, national trends, and standardized test scores in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, her groundbreaking organization is STEM oriented for girls in grades 1-8. Esteem Girls Inc. STEM Center includes a STEM afterschool program, STEM summer camp, Science Saturdays, tutoring in Math & Science and a host of other programs to increase girls’ enrollment in STEM fields. As a college student she studied Biological Sciences and Sociology. At Montgomery County Community College, she received support through the National Science Foundation as a “STEM Scholar “. She also received a full scholarship while attending Cheyney University as a “Keystone Scholar. “Her interest in starting such an organization is owed to her diverse academic background in Sociology and Biology. Learning Biology gave her a natural ability to observe and experiment, while studying Sociology gave her the ability to research and collect data. W.E.B. Dubois who inspired her inquiry into social change and education, there’s no surprise that she became a “Social Entrepreneur.”

Dance classes are fun, gym memberships keep your body fit. STEM memberships are fun, keep your mind active & fit, increases your aptitude and confidence in STEM. This will follow your child through high school, college, and for a lifetime.

Renee Harris- Founder & Executive Director, Esteem Girls Inc.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

According to a study, boys associate Math with their own gender, while girls associated Math with boys. The same can be said about clothing and toys that are advertised showing a girl as feminine, cute, and laid back. Esteem Girls Inc. knows that girls have the aptitude and ability to excel. They just need the self-esteem and confidence in themselves to succeed. Not only do we start them early in building their Math and Science skills, but we also tap into building within so that they can learn skills such as determination and resilience and apply them to their studies, life, and future careers.