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"Achieving Academic Excellence in Math & Science"


Why an Early Focus on STEM Matters?

Research tells us that children's early experience builds brain architecture and lays the foundation for one's lifelong thinking skills and approach to learning, both critical roots of STEM success. STEM disciplines require content knowledge but also robust thinking dispositions-such as curiosity and inquiry, questioning and skepticism, assessment and analysis-as well as a strong learning mindset and confidence when encountering new information or challenges. These need to be developed in a child's early education, beginning in infancy and continuing through third grade to lay the roots for STEM success, (McClure et al., 2017).


1. STEM thinking begins in infancy

2. To become strong STEM thinkers, children need more play 

3. STEM amplifies language development; language enables STEM thinking

4. Hands-on STEM learning is not only more fun, it is also more effective at helping children make sense of information that is complex or abstract

5. Growth mindset -believing that learning and improvement will follow hard work and intentional effort- is important in STEM learning 

6. Prioritize STEM learning for children from infancy through third grade, both in schools and through education opportunities outside of school 

(Center for Childhood Creativity, 2018) 

AGES 3-5

Instructional Day 830am-230pm

Private Preparatory style STEM pre-school with a focus on students achieving academic excellence in Math & Science

Drop off 7am-7:59am for no additional charge

4 options:

  • Day 7-8am to 230pm $200/week
  • Drop In only 7-8am to 230pm $40/day 
  • Morning only 7-8am to 1230pm $100/week
  • Afternoon only 3 to 6-7pm *includes extra-curricular activities $100/week
  • Extended Day 7-8am to 6-7pm $250/week
  • 2, 3,or 5 day option

Elite Private Education

Certified Teachers

Ratio 1:10

Intimate Setting

All Girls

Early Drop off if needed, 7:00-7:59am (free play), no additional fee 

Uniform: Esteem Girls Logo Polo Shirt/T-shirt/Sweatshirt (Pink, Blue or Purple) & Grey skirt/pants/jumper

Amazon Fire Tablet per pupil 

$50 application fee

$100 security deposit (refundable when 2 weeks notice of withdrawal is given and the account is paid on time and is up-to-date)

*Pre-admissions assessment*

Two week advanced tuition payment due upon registration

Enrollment September-June (Yearly contract required)

To pre-enroll your student email: [email protected]