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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Academic Services


Why an all girls academic environment matter?

“Females especially do better academically in single-sex schools and colleges across a variety of cultures. …Single-sex schools help to improve student achievement.”

          Dr. Cornelius Riordan, Providence College, Girls and Boys in School: Together or Separate?


The majority – 60% – of girls’ school grads report higher self-confidence over their coed peers (54%).

          Dr. Linda Sax, UCLA, Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools

Girls’ school grads are 6 times more likely to considering majoring in math, science, and technology compared to girls who attend coed schools. 

Goodman Research Group, The Girls’ School Experience: A Survey of Young Alumnae of Single-Sex Schools

Compared to coed peers, girls’ school grads are 3 times more likely to consider engineering careers.


Dr. Linda Sax, UCLA, Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools

“More positive academic and behavioral interactions [were observed] between teachers and students in the single-sex schools than in the comparison to coed schools.”


U.S. Department of Education, Early Implementation of Public Single-Sex Schools

Students at all-girls schools have higher aspirations and greater motivation than their female peers at coed independent and public schools. 98.7% of students at all-girls schools expect to earn a four-year degree. More than 2/3 expect to earn a graduate or professional degree.


Dr. Richard A. Holmgren, Allegheny College, Steeped in Learning: The Student Experience at All-Girls Schools

Girls’ school students are more likely than their female peers at coed schools to experience an environment that welcomes an open and safe exchange of ideas. Nearly 87% of girls’ school students feel their opinions are respected at their school (compared to 58% of girls at coed schools).

          Dr. Richard A. Holmgren, Allegheny College, Steeped in Learning: The Student Experience at All-Girls School

         (National Coalition of Girls Schools)

STEM Summer Camp 

Monday through Friday

Extended Day: 8am-6pm 

Day: 8am-2pm

Afternoon only: 2:30-6pm *includes extra-curricular activities 

Drop off 7:15am-7:59am for no additional charge

New STEM theme every session

Weekly field trips


Summer Reading Program

Self-esteem workshops 

STEM Experiments 

STEM Professionals 

Monday through Friday 3-7pm
Fall & Spring Semesters
September-December & January-June
Pre-registration required 
Stem academic enrichment fun
Homework assistance 
New STEM theme every semester 
Club choice i.e. yoga club, computer club, dance club, music club, etc.
Gluten free, vegan friendly/ non-gmo snack included


Refresher & Enrichment Tutoring


June-August, September-December, January-June

(16) 1-hour sessions or 1-hour sessions 

Center or location of choice

Pre-registration required

Our birthday parties are:

Perfect for children 4-13 years old

2 hours long 


Hosted Saturdays & Sundays 

Every child at your STEM themed party will make a fun hands on item to take home

As our gift, the birthday child with be presented with a STEM birthday gift, STEM goody bag, and their very own custom lab coat 


STEM themed parties entertain children of all ages with exciting, high energy, interactive shows

Worry free birthday party with STEM related fun!

Includes: 8 children & 8 chaperones

The birthday child & 2 parents

8 invitations

Includes 1 slice of pizza per child

Bottles of water




Add ons: goody bags, lab cats for attendees, cupcakes, juice, cups, pizza for chaperones, drinks for adults, additional children, additional chaperones. Email: [email protected] for pricing!


September-December & January-May

Join Esteem Girls in our monthly kids yoga class with a kidding around style  

Taught by a certified children's yoga teacher

Pre-registration required

Fall dates: September 23, October 21, November 18, & December 9.

Benefits of Kids Yoga:

Support brain growth & development

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Improve Sleep quality

Anger Management

Increase cardiovascular and respiratory health


Students will learn:

What STEM is

Why STEM is important

STEM Career Options

STEM Career Salaries

Courses required for STEM Careers

STEM Hands on & Interactive Activity

Email: [email protected] for scheduling & donation information.


When school is out & you still have to work, send your esteem girl for a day of exploration & stem hands on activity.


Late pick up available until 7pm

Pre-registration is required

Sometimes there may be field trips with associated fees



8am-3pm or 8am-7pm

Pre-registration is required 

Pack lunch & bring along refillable water bottle

Gluten free, vegan friendly/non-gmo snack included 

*Supply list, lunch, & trip is not included*


Start an Esteem Girls Club 

Ages 6-13

Leader: Anyone, 18 years or older (child abuse & criminal check-free)

Location: schools, community centers, churches, boutiques, living rooms, basements, etc.

Must enroll at least 10 Esteem Club Girls 

STEM Club Kit $49.99 

Includes: Curriculum


Rules & Procedures

Supplies & so much more

Just order the kit & when it's delivered get started

$19.99/monthly membership billed


Our Programs (all tuition is non-refundable, tuition will be credited to another class/program).