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Founder Renee Harris, Is a new author of a children's stem book, "Look What I Can Be." “Look What I Can Be” is about an Esteem girl who journeys through stem world exploring stem careers. She gives girls confidence that they can do it too! This is a must have for every girl to inspire her to pursue STEM Careers. You can choose between a light or brown girl featured in the story to represent all girls. It includes a 24-page full color book and a pull out periodic table. It’s appropriate for girls ages 4-12. She is doing a pre-ordering campaign and need your support. Books can be ordered for only $19.99 or an amount can be pledged from $10-$100 for rewards. As a thank you for your commitment, for every book or pledge made you will receive an award. 

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The Esteem Girls Inc. family is excited to share with you our ongoing and upcoming programs and activities. Revisit our website to get the latest news and updates.

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Be an official Esteem Girls Chapter Leader

*Start an Esteem Girls Club 

(Coming Soon)

*Clubs can be hosted in schools, universities, libraries, community centers, organizations, nonprofits, or homes. Club leaders can be teachers, parents, family members, librarians, or volunteers from any background or field. 

You'll need: 

1. at least 10 students to enroll

2. A space 

3. Club stem kit provided by Esteem Girls which includes the curriculum


1. 18 years or older

2. Purchase stem club kit for $49.99 & pay monthly club fee $19.99 (receive curriculum as long as club fees are current) (new curriculum received every fall & spring semester)

3. Child abuse and criminal back ground check

4. Handle administrative details of the Club such as securing space, recruiting students, and serve as an official Esteem Girls Chapter Leader

5. Charge no fee for participants 

6. Host the club 1-4 times a month for 1-hour

7. Be the facilitator or recruit one

*Free Girls Who Code Club-Once a month

*members will be encouraged to participate in fundraisers*

To pre-enroll your student email her first, last name, age here

Our first kids yoga class "NAMASTEM KIDS YOGA" with a kidding around yoga style for girls 5-13 years of age. Please bring your yoga mat, and wear comfortable pants. For tickets please add to cart our STEM conference/workshop button.


Day Off Camp
Schools out but still have to work?

No worries, sign up for our no school/school holiday. Located on "our programs" page, add to cart No School/School Holiday. Hours are 8am-3pm, with early drop off & late pick up available. Gluten free, non-gmo, no high fructose corn syrup, vegan friendly snack included. Just pack a lunch and bring a refillable water bottle! Its only $35 per day. Ask about it!