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Look What I Can Be 
Join eSTeEM Girl on a journey to STEM world to explore fun careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. She empowers girls to study Math & Science. As she tries out STEM careers she gives them confidence that they can do it too! This book is stem-tastic, she teaches girls about new and unsuspecting careers that are indeed STEM. Your choice of a light or brown eSTeEM Girl featured in the story to represent all girls. A 44-page full color children's book which includes a periodic table, pizza slime experiment, & so much more.

The Author
Renee Harris, Founder & Executive Director of Esteem Girls Inc.

The Need
Research on students’ self-efficacy in math and science subjects shows a startling reality: girls and boys begin developing gender stereotypes and self-selecting out of these subjects as early as second grade. By the time girls reach high school, they make up only 25% of students pursuing science and engineering pathways. According to the U.S. Department of Education, in 2015 women earned fewer than 19% of bachelor’s degrees in engineering. What these startling statistics tell us is that the biggest threat to gender diversity in STEM disciplines is not lack of interest, but rather self-selection out due to a lack of early, engaging experiences. To address this and engage more high-school-aged girls in STEM, we must provide formal and informal STEM educational experiences as early as kindergarten, continuing all the way through high school. Girls who have early exposure to high-quality, relevant STEM experiences build confidence and begin to see themselves as scientists and engineers. This is especially important for girls who may not traditionally consider earning a college degree, much less a degree in engineering or science. ​

How is this Book Different?
Look What I Can Be is different because it educates girls in a fun way on unique STEM careers that they can pursue. It encourages them to study math and science and empowers them to achieve these careers. The book is for ages 4 -12, includes 44 full color pages, an eSTeEM Girl periodic table, and stem experiment at the end. Most importantly, a portion of the proceeds support Esteem Girls Inc scholarship and financial aid fund to assist students to attend stem academic programs at a free or reduced cost which include: After-school program, Summer camp, Science Saturday, and tutoring in Math & Science.