Esteem Girls Inc. 

Esteem Girls stem center

Esteem Girls Inc.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Academic Services

  • Anyone can start an Esteem Girls chapter nationwide to bring our lab to their city
  • It can be held at any location of your choice including schools, daycares, homes, libraries, community centers, coffee shops
  • Learn STEM skills while having fun
  • Create, design, build cool projects
  • Students choose a stem track
  • Participate in our bi-annual STEM competitions 
  • Accumulate a project portfolio

Why you'll love our program:

STEM Curriculum & Projects

We offer student-centered STEM projects in – engineering, chemistry, medicine, coding, programming, self-esteem, art, math.

  • Science: Students will conduct different science labs and workshops. The workshops and labs are guided through a series of interactive science projects and experiments that challenge their creativity and imagination. Students will work individually and in teams to conduct their lab projects. With the knowledge of “how to”, students learn to be creative, critical, and organized thinkers, and problem solvers.
  • Technology: In this track, students learn the fundamentals of programming, web design / development, and mobile application development. The courses will teach students how to design, build, and publish their very own apps.
  • Engineering: This track includes exciting robotics courses and hands-on maker / engineering projects where students design and build real prototypes and products using the computer hardware components. At the end of each course, students will demonstrate their products and get to take it home with them. Students learn the concepts, technology, and tools used to create the latest 2D & 3D games. The courses will teach students how to create their own games for PCs and mobile devices.
  • Math: In our Math classes, students receive personalized learning plan and small group instruction to build their math skills.